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303 Masks

We are selling custom 303 masks! Masks come in both adult and children sizes. For every mask sold, we will be donating two masks to first line workers and their families. You can pick up your order at 303 or we can ship it to you (shipping and handling for $1.)


Adult mask with logo - $10

Adult mask without logo - $7

Child's mask without logo - $7

*At this time we are not offering children's masks with the 303 logo.

Outdoor Drop In Hosted by Colorado Alliance

Alliance is so excited to announce the opportunity for grass drop-in sessions! Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We understand times are still uncertain so we plan on taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our participants. All plans are tentative as we continue to observe county guidelines.


1. We will only allow a limited number of participants weekly. Sign ups ( MUST be done in advance and only 2v2 or 4v4 competition will be allowed.
Active Alliance and 303 players will receive a promo code credit via email they may use for sign-ups.

2. All players, shall have their temperature recorded prior to outdoor play. If an individual’s temperature is above 99.5 degrees, they will not be permitted to participate and will be asked to return home immediately.

3. All players shall have their blood oxygen recorded prior to game time. If an individual’s blood oxygen is below 90%, they will not be permitted to participate in the session and will be asked to return home immediately. We highly recommend any individuals with low blood oxygen levels to seek medical assistance.

4. If any individual has a family member at home or is believed to have been exposed to someone with COVID 19, they will be asked to remain at home. By sending your child to participate in drop-ins, you are acknowledging that this is not the case for your child.

5.One outdoor ball will be provided per court and will be sanitized between each match.

6. Groups of 2 or 4 will remain together for the duration of the drop in. Teams will get two matches (6 sets) per night.

7. Spectators are HIGHLY discouraged.


2020-21 Season Tryouts

Tryout fee - $50 (registration link will be live soon)

Sunday, July 5 -
1-2:30pm 12s/13s
3:30-5:30pm 14s

Monday, July 6 -
6-8pm 15s

Tuesday, July 7 -
6-8pm 16s

Wednesday, July 8 -
6-8pm 17s/18s

Thursday, July 9 -
5-6:30pm 12s/13s
7-9pm 14s

Friday, July 10 -
6-8pm 15s

Saturday, July 11 -
9-11am 16s
12-2pm 17s/18s

Sunday, July 12 - Contracts are sent out starting at 10am