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Uniform Fitting - Girls

Signed players must attend the following uniform fitting date for their age group —

July 14:
Varsity Athlete recruiting presentation for 17s and 18s: 11am-1pm
Uniform fitting for 17s and 18s 1-3pm
Uniform fitting for 15s and 16s 6-8pm

August 10th for 12s-14s (make-up fitting for 15s-18s)

*If the player cannot attend, they must email Vy Tran to reschedule a make-up fitting.


303 Volleyball Academy is pleased to announce our partnership with Varsity Athlete for the upcoming 2020/2021 season!  This is only the first step in a systematic approach in which 303VBA will continue to provide more resources to our players and their families in the players’ college aspirations.  

On July 14 (on the same day as uniform fitting), Varsity Athlete will be conducting a working seminar on the college planning process, as well as a hands on introduction to College Board for all 303VBA athletes at the 17s and 18s age groups.

In November, Varsity Athlete will present another college recruitment presentation for all high school aged players at 303VBA.

Please join me in welcoming Kip Tani and Varsity Athlete to the 303 family!
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303 Masks

We are selling custom 303 masks! Masks come in both adult and children sizes. For every mask sold, we will be donating two masks to first line workers and their families. You can pick up your order at 303 or we can ship it to you (shipping and handling for $1.)


Adult mask with logo - $10

Adult mask without logo - $7

Child's mask without logo - $7

*At this time we are not offering children's masks with the 303 logo.